VELUX Manual “Fresh Air” Skylight

The Velux Manually Opening Skylight offers the comfort and energy savings of free Daylight and Natural Ventilation. The pre-installed Insect Screen adds the benefit of keeping mosquitoes and flies out in summer.

Product features:

  • White painted interior wood frame and sash.
  • Outer aluminium cappings (grey).
  • Operated by winder handle, for within reach situations, or by rod for out-of reach use (to 285cm above head height).
  • Smooth, low profile sits lower in the roof, does not obstruct the roofline.
  • Choice of 9 sizes.
  • High Performance double glazing as standard; with NEAT™ coating: reduces cleaning frequency).
  • Insect screen fitted as standard.
  • Complete with flashings for corrugated iron or tile roofs.
  • Approx 80% Heat Block.
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manual crank - VELUX Manual "Fresh Air" Skylight

Convenient manual control

Our manual skylights are easily opened and closed with VELUX accessories. A smooth turning handle is available in the box when skylights are installed within reach.  For out-of-reach installations control rods are sold separately; consider a Solar Powered or Electric Venting model which comes with an easy to use touchscreen remote and integrated rain sensors to close the unit in case of inclement weather.

Benefits of a VELUX Manual “Fresh Air” Skylight

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Convenient: Opens and closes with our easy-to-use remote

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Fresh Air: Allows rejuvenating air to filter into your home

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Sleek Design: A low profile design blends in with your roof

Recommended for out-of-reach applications; standard on all venting models

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All laminated glass comes with silicone and titanium dioxide Neat® coating that smooths the surface causing water to disperse evenly – removing dirt more quickly while reducing water spots.  It also significantly reduces unwanted outside noise, improves energy efficiency and is safer.  Laminated glass comes standard on all venting models.

Available in CleanComfortPlus (04 code) and CleanEnergyPlus (10 code).

10 Year Hail Warranty on all laminated glass on cracking or breakage due to hail. 

Benefits of laminated glass

clean icon - VELUX Manual "Fresh Air" Skylight


Features Neat® glass coating to keep your skylight cleaner longer, leaving the surface virtually spotless

quiet icon - VELUX Manual "Fresh Air" Skylight


Reduces unwanted outside noise by up to 25% less than a standard double pane glass, and up to 50% less than a plastic skylight.
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VELUX recommends and building codes require laminated glass for out of reach applications.
hail warranty - VELUX Manual "Fresh Air" Skylight

Hail Warranty

10 year warranty on laminated glass with Neat coating on cracking or breakage due to hail.

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